Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh dear....More Dishes!

Today I went to return something to Old Navy and remembered that I was right by a Goodwill thrift store that I had just discovered this summer. The first time I went in there were no treasures to be found. On a whim today I thought I would just run in and scope things out. I was quite excited with what I found!!

Look at this adorable 26 piece set of vintage dishes that I bought for a mere $18! I've mentioned my love for dishes before and I just couldn't resist this colorful and unique breakfast/dessert set. It came with 6 dessert plates, 8 cups and saucers, the creamer, the sugar bowl and the coffee/tea pot, AND (giddy excitement) a cake plate!!

I love the bright fun colors and vintage appeal!

The cups are an interesting shape for sure. The pattern is called Millefleur from the Avant-Garde Collection (made in Japan). Know anything about these? I haven't seen them anywhere online.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honeymoon Basket

Since its been awhile since I last blogged I figured I better update lest I lose the few faithful readers that I have :)

I was looking through my pictures for inspiration and realized I never shared my "Honeymoon Basket." I waited for fear the bride and groom would see it before it was delivered to them, but that has been months ago!

When we married my best friend and her hubby made us one of these. We took it along with us to Santa Rosa Beach and loved everything in it! So I copied the idea for Ronnie's brother and his bride.

This is a fun, creative, and practical gift (well if the couple is driving somewhere, I don't think it would make a flight. It could also be used as a house warming gift.) Just find a cute and sturdy basket- think about something that could be used for a cute decorative purpose after. Then fill it with fun food and champagne.

We filled ours with champagne, fun fruit teas, chocolate, nuts, olive oil and bread dipping spices, salsa, crackers, cheese and nutella.

Don't forget to add some cute dishes, napkins, small silverware and towel. We found a lot of this at World Market.

Then pack the basket, wrap some cellophane on it, tie a bow and deliver to the happy couple!