Sunday, July 6, 2008


While our town hardly offers anything in the way of shopping (excluding the WalMart and Dollar General) , it offers some great spots for antiquing and junking. I enjoy wondering through the wide expanses of stuff and searching for some great treasure. I never know what I might find!

Recently, Ronnie and I walked downtown and wondered the aisles of an old building now full of vintage goods. I think I probably made about four full laps all around the store taking everything in. It was definitely worth the exploration; I came home with a few new (old!) treasures of my own!
This tea/coffee pot from the 1950s instantly caught my eye. I love the color and thought it would be a fun addition to my teacup collection.

Months ago I spotted this glass pitcher and set of eight matching glasses with flowers etched into them. I refrained from purchase as I couldn't really justify the price. However, as I admired them again the elderly man who runs the shop noticed and offered to come down significantly on the price. I couldn't pass up the offer!

Apparently I inherited my mother's love for pretty china and dishes!

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Mod Girl said...

Nice finds! Didn't Grandma have some glasses with flowers etched on them? It seems that I vaguely remember some...

I'd like to go antiquing in your little hamlet sometime!