Monday, June 30, 2008

"Stay inside! The trucks are coming!"

Most days after work, Ronnie and I go for a walk or run. We both enjoy having company while we exercise. Usually, the sun is starting to set and the summer heat has subsided a bit. It is usually a pleasant time and one we look forward to. However, sometimes our walk is interrupted by an ominous sound that makes us quickly try to alter our course or shield our faces. Yes, it is the sound of the dreaded mosquito truck!

We often joke that they seem to follow us. Actually, our house happens to be on one of the busiest corners of our town. It links several streets, as well as the downtown to WalMart. The mosquito truck route apparently passes our house several times and they are quite diligent in their extermination. They spray about three times a week!

A few weeks ago we went over to a friend's house for supper. Afterwards we were sitting and talking when outside the front door we heard, "Mr. Aaron! Mr. Aaron come here!" Our friend opened the front door and revealed two barefoot little girls on bikes. Their faces were red and their hair was stringy after no doubt many hours spent playing hard. With wide eyes they warned, "Stay inside! The trucks are coming!" We thanked them for the warning and then encouraged them to get on home so as to avoid the spray. One panicked, "I don't know if we will make it home in time...ahhh!" And with that they furiously pedaled away. I'm sure it was a thrilling race home to beat the truck!

So if you happen to hear a loud buzz approaching, you have been warned, "Stay inside! The trucks are coming!"

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Mod Girl said...

That stuff can't be good to breathe! My question is... does it really work?