Friday, November 7, 2008

Project: China Cabinet

I thought I would share with you my furniture renovation project! I have been meaning to post these for a while, but I only recently put the finishing touches on it.

I had been wanting a china cabinet or hutch for a while, because I wanted to be able to display all the lovely wedding gifts that we recieved (remember, I have a weakness for china and such). I explored countless antique stores, but started realizing that this looked like it would be a very expensive purchase and I wasn't sure I was ready to spend that kind of money at this point. So I began diligently checking Craig's List each day and one morning low and behold I found it! For a hundred dollars we purchased this:

I liked the fact that it had storage underneath, lots of display room, and even a lighted top. I wasn't crazy about the color. So...

It became a painting project! I decided to paint the outside a crisp white and the back of the top part my favorite blue color...we had left over paint from our bathroom.

The final touch was adding new hardware and filling it with treasures to display!!

I love my new piece of furniture and I love the price!


Amanda said...

That is too, too cute!!!! Wow, everything in it just makes it. Do you just kinda stare at it every time you pass it? I am so impressed!!!

I'm working on getting a blog up for us. . . It's not very ascethetically pleasing though.

Your cabinet is beautiful! So fun. Great idea with the blue in the back.


Mod Girl said...

Oooo-la-la! I love it. Nice job with the paint... I'm with you, don't care for the original finish, but the paint did wonders and the blue adds a nice accent. The best part of all is how inexpensive the purchase was. Hooray!

Anna Beall said...

I love it! It turned out really cute.

Joey said...

You forgot to mention that I helped!! just joking:) it looks darling though!