Monday, October 12, 2009

Baking Day!

Pita Bread

Cranberry Muffins and Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins

Apple Tart

Today was my fall break from school! I had thought about getting out and shopping and running errands, but it has been pouring rain most of the day. I decided to bake some things instead. I made a big batch of pita bread and a batch of tuna salad for packing in our lunches this week. I made 2 types of muffins and delivered some to a neighbor who recently had a baby. I love muffins!! The last pic is something I made a few days ago but it turned out so pretty I wanted to share. The pita bread and the apple tart recipes both came from Tammy's Recipes, a site that I have enjoyed lately. You should check it out!


Mary said...

Your new kitchen must have smelled heavenly! What a wonderful way to spend a very rainy Monday! The apple tart was to die for - really yummy! Thanks for letting us eat it!

Amanda said...

Wowzers. . . that's a lot of baked goods! I guess if you're gonna mess your kitchen up with baking, you might as well bake a lot of things! Is that a new tablecloth!?! I love it! Now I need whole house pics! Thanks for blogging amidst all the other things you have to do!

Do you only get one day off for fall break? Ya gotta miss college fall breaks ...