Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kroger Savings

Yesterday I ran out to Kroger for a quick trip. I highly dislike grocery stores on Saturdays, but you do what you gotta do. It was totally worth it though. The verdict: $22 spent, 78% saved!

2 lbs Mahatma rice- free
1 McCormick grill mates marinade- free
2 Old Spice Deodorants and 2 Old Spice body washes- free+ $3 overage!
1 Laura's Lean 92/8 ground beef- Manager's special 3.17
1 Oral B toothbrush- free
2 Cover Girl Mascaras- .52 each
1 Cover Girl nail polish- Free + .23 overage
1 Nivea body wash- .49
2 Knudsen Organic Just Juice- 1.35 each
1 package Land of Frost turkey- 1.29

We are enjoying eating from our stocked freezer. I am starting to plan for freezer cooking for June. Anyone want to join?! I will be posting my plans and recipes soon.


Amanda said...

WOW! I've noticed you get rice coupons a lot. . . are they in your local Smart Source thingies? Really impressed with the maskera for 50 cents!?! Fabulous!

Hannah and Scott said...

I would love to know what you cook for freezer food. I am horrible at finding good recipes that freeze well. =)

Michelle Smith said...

I'm definitely with you on June freezer cooking!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Score! Let me know if you like the Nivea body wash -- I've been tempted to try it since it was first introduced.

Jo-Jo said...

Love it! And you know how jealous I am that you save that much! Sometime I am going to come over when you are planning and clipping and shopping to see first hand what to do. And I will download the coupon thing. OK?