Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Plan:

Monday- teriyaki beef filet, mashed potatoes, peas, salad and sour dough bread with guests!
Tuesday- Pasta with Pumpkin Alfredo, breadsticks, veggie of some sort
Wednesday- Black Bean Soup, corn bread, salad
Thurday- leftovers
Friday- homemade pizza of some sort

Have you tried these??

We ate the teriyaki beef filet tonight and thought it was delish! Just plop those suckers in a pan and bake- yields flavorful and tender goodness. I see coupons for Always Tender products by Hormel and they go on sale BOGO occasionally. I will be watching out for these.

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Amanda said...

I'm gonna keep my eye out for this -- my mom loved it. Let us know if you find BOGO cupes. Love your meal plans. Here's mine for the week: Tuna melts, grilled panini, couscous and chicken, steak and grits, white chili and some kind of pizza (like you were sayin'.)