Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're Still Alive...

Life is in high gear for us at the moment but we are still kicking! Ronnie started teaching 3rd grade on Nov. 1 and that has been a big transition. He is already doing a great job! I know though that it has been a little stressful to jump into teaching. Sounds like he has a really good group of kids though.

I am teaching lots of dance classes and have been doing a fair amount of subbing for other teachers so that has kept me hopping (literally at times :). I am also performing in a dance concert in December so that has added to my schedule with rehearsals. Ice the cake with 2 fender benders and you could say this has been a busy and sometimes stressful time- we are anxiously looking forward to the Thanksgiving break!

I hope to get back to some more regular blogging soon!

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Amanda said...

Wait, TWO fender benders??? OH NO! I heard about the first one . .. what happened??? Such a bummer.

I've missed your bloggies, but I'm SO excited about seeing you at Thanksgiving!!!

You guys are working sooo sooo hard -- I hope that you can relax at the beach house.