Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy Crafty Gift Idea

I just love cleaning with microfiber cloths. They are awesome for dusting! When I came across these little packs of cute colorful ones back in the fall at Dollar General, I decided to get my craft on.

I cut out circles of varying sizes and then made little yo-yos. If you don't know how to make them rest assured they are super easy! Here is a tutorial if you want to know how. I then attached the yo-yo's to another microfiber cloth or plain hand towel by sewing a button onto the center and VIOLA:

I also made this hand towel in our bathroom from an old yellow towel, but I don't really recommend this as the towel was much more difficult to work with than the microfiber cloth. I sewed those yo-yos on backward since they weren't as pretty.

I did this project months ago and have since given these as little gifts. It pairs great with the bottles of Martha Stewart Cleaning Spray that I scored for cheap at Publix.


Michelle said...

I did the same project, on kitchen towels, for Christmas presents last year :) I love the bathroom one!

Amanda said...

I have yet to see these microfiber cloths. . . They've got to be right under my nose, and I'm just not finding them in the store. They work so much better than a rag . . . I've noticed for wiping counters, too. Cute crafts, I love your bloggy.

Gracie said...

@Michelle: bet they were cute!! Your sewing skills inspire me.

@Amanda: Dollar Tree sells them but last time I checked the colors weren't very cute. Dollar General has the fun bright colors and a great price. I agree they are better for all sorts of cleaning than with a rag. Aaron even has some of his own for his models :)