Monday, February 27, 2012


So what has been going on lately aside from work, house hunting, surviving a wretched stomach virus and growing a baby?! We were excited to find out at our last appointment that baby is a BOY and is doing well! He has been kicking up a storm and we already love him so much.

He has joined me in lots of dancing lately. This is a really busy season for Math in Motion shows and I have enjoyed going into elementary schools and performing. The kids are always so excited and enjoy the show. The extra money that I make doing it has sure been nice too.

I am also getting ready to perform in the upcoming Sanspointe concert on March 8, 9, and 10. I will be in a new piece entitled "Sweet." I get to share the stage with 2 other moms and their small children and they are so cute. We are also sharing the concert with a company from North Caroline, code f.a.d. Tickets can be purchased here. Hope you can make it!

Aaron has been busy with school. This has been a challenging year for him to say the least. I am so proud of his perseverance. He has also been working out diligently as he participates in CrossFit with some other male coworkers. Aaron also entered some model airplanes into a competition recently.

He came home with 2 first prizes and a second place prize in different categories. Way to go Aaron!

And finally, remember the coffee table that I bought back in the summer for $10 at Salvation Army? Probably not! I sanded it back in the summer, but sadly I let it sit in my parent's basement for WAY too long.

Well, it is finally finished and we love it! Take a look at the before pics:

Nice shape and very solid wood, but lots of scratches and dings.

Our living room with the perfect empty spot for the table:

And finally the finished product in place:

A special thanks to my dad and Aaron who finished up the project for me so I didn't have to breath the paint and stain fumes. I love it!!


Rebekah said...

Your table is so cute! I love it. We are house hunting too, my last blog update was all about a house that got snatched away from us. Hope you are having better luck! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yay for a little boy :) What a blessing!!! And I love the table - it really adds so much to your living room space :) I have so many things I want to paint right now, but I'm just not sure a/b the fumes while pregnant... oh well!

Jo-Jo said...

wow - that's about 3 blogs worth of news! Love that baby boy already...and can NOT wait for July! Parabems Aaron for the have the most patience I have ever seen with all those teeny, tiny, airplane details! Patience with a baby will be nothing in comparison. The coffee table is perfect...price, color, and shape - just perfect!