Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby's Rocker: Before and After

My grandmother had a cute rocker purchased from an antique store in her house that was then passed on to my older sister.  It has been used to rock 3 babies and has received a lot of love over the years.  I happily accepted my sister's offer of the rocker to use for baby's nursery, especially since she claims that it is quite possibly the most comfortable chair on earth :).

 (with various baby items on it...a little glimpse at some colors and patterns in the nursery)

After all its use and love over the years, the upholstery wasn't in great shape and needed a facelift so I looked around for something to get it recovered with.  My mom and I found some cute blue and white Premier fabric in the clearance section at Hancock's and snapped it up.  I received a referral from a friend at church about someone to recover it and we set off to Odenville, AL to drop it off with lady named Geneva. I highly recommend Geneva and would happily pass on her contact info if anyone is interested.  She was friendly, very reasonably priced and VERY quick (the rocker and one belonging to my sister were ready 4 days later).

I am so pleased with the result:


The nursery is coming together! We are headed to pick up the crib this weekend from my sister's house and I can't wait to get the bedding on it and see things pulled together.  Stay tuned for pictures soon...


Jo-Jo said...

That is some transformation!! Love it! Your sister may want it back again. Did you have lots of fabric left over?

virginia said...

I've seen the before and after photos and it's rather impressive. Really fun to see how the nursery is coming together. This time next month is may look rather lived in--this is good news!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Wow, it looks great!

If you're like me, you and baby will fall asleep in it together often.

Grandma would be so happy to know that her great-grandbabies are being rocked in her chair.

Karen Kendrick said...

Well, well done, my friend! And YES, I would love Geneva's info. I have a couple projects I would love to hand her.

THRILLED with all your progress. Thanks for including us :)

Erin - Dwell and Tell said...

I would love her info! :)

It looks GREAT!