Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project: Dining Room Chairs!

Remember these dining room chairs that so desperately needed recovering?

Mission Accomplished!!

Thanks to the help of my crafty mother-in-law and sister-in-law (and Ronnie too, of course), we were able to get all 8 recovered on Saturday.

It's a vast improvement and was pretty easy.

And, for mama, here is the little table you gave me at Thanksgiving.

Its in the hall outside the dining room. Thanks! I love it!

Next project on the agenda is a valance for the dining room. I decided against the shiny curtains.


Paula said...

Looking good, Susie! I always enjoy your posts, so keep them coming!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Nice fabric and nicely done! Where did Mama find the little hall table? It's cute.

Mary said...

The chairs look so nice - very coordinated now - it was a fun project!

Amanda said...

Hey, that looks amazing! You did a great job recovering the chairs, looks professional. I like the fabric you chose. Everything looks really classy.

We finally got our chairs today, I'll have to post!

Anna Beall said...

Great job! I love it. What will the valence look like?

Henry said...

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