Friday, May 20, 2011

New Things

1. Hanging out with the twins 3 days a week. They are cuties and I am enjoying getting to know them!

2. Performing The Magic Circle. I have been learning this educational touring show and had the opportunity to perform yesterday for the first time. (Not sure what I am talking about? Check out this video.) It was fun! I took my friend Rhea's spot since she is competing in a choreography competition this week. Go Rhea!! I hope you win!

3. We went to our first Restoration Academy graduation last night. That's right...Ronnie has completed his first year of teaching at RA. Go Ronnie, you did a great job! Graduation was really neat. There were 10 graduates and all of them are headed to college next year. 5 of them performed a rap that they had written- it was pretty cool.

We are looking forward to the weekend. I am looking forward to garage sale-ing with a friend on Saturday, maybe I will have some fun finds to share with you next week! Also I am looking forward to Susie Amelia's arrival. If she doesn't come this weekend, she will be here on Monday. Can't wait to meet Millie!!

Have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

Horray for Millie!!! Can't wait to see her little face . . . I'll have to make sure I'm FB friends with her mommie!

I loved the math dance. My favorite was the hoola hoop thing (super cool) and the triangle shapes. Did you learn all of that? Incredible! It was very Cirque du Soleil.

YES, do post your garage sale finds.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh, I so wish I was there to go garage sale-ing with you tomorrow. we are all going to be listening to Grandfather's "last" sermon at the seminary graduation. I am waiting for O. to wake up so I can go up to GF's to let my rolls rise that I am contributing to the birthday celebration for A. Elizabeth! Wish you all were here!