Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Fun!

We enjoyed a wonderful first married Christmas! We were able to celebrate at our house AND with both of our families in the mountains! It was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was great to have time with so much family. Here are some highlight pics:

"Christmas Morning" at our house!


Ronnie got new bike wheels that he was most excited about!

I'm a dork! But i love my new North Face jacket and matching ear warmer headband!

Then we were off to North Georgia with Ronnie's fam. We had a wonderful, spacious cabin and we ate lots of yummy food, went hiking, enjoyed the hot tub and celebrated Christmas! Sadly, I didn't take many pictures here, I was too busy having fun.

The cabin didn't have a Christmas tree so we improvised Charlie Brown style.

Hiking was so fun!
Then it was off to a bluff in North Alabama with my family!

It was beautiful!
So cozy

But the best part was time with the whole family together!

We played hard, rode bikes, fished, ate more yummy food, and just enjoyed being together!

Now we are back home, catching our breath and packing for Peru. We leave in the morning! More to come on that later!!


Mod Girl said...

It was fun! I'm so glad it worked out, even with all the craziness! Next time you guys get the bunk beds.

Anna Beall said...

Great pictures. We had lots of fun too. Bune Viaje!

Anna Beall said...

Sorry, I meant to type Buen Viaje- I can spell in Spanish:).

D&A said...

Have fun in Peru!!! Your pictures covered the spectrum from such a lovely, busy, crazy time. I'll miss you!

Mary said...

Wonderful memories - great pictures and I haven't been in the mood to fix fun food since the cabin - i've been too exhausted!