Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have many fond memories of spending hours at my Grandmother's house as a child making kolaches. If you are not familiar with these, they are a delicious Czech treat: a yeast roll filled with fruit filling or meat. My sisters and I would "help" my grandmother sift the flour, kneed the dough, form little round balls of dough and finally fill them. It is a long process, but oh so worth it!

My grandmother died while I was in college and sadly many years have passed since we gathered for a day of kolache baking. But I wanted to resurrect the tradition, as my sister has done. And so for the first time I made kolaches all by myself. I missed the company of my sisters and the expertise of Grandma, but all in all I would say it was a success!

Mixing up the dough

A variety of fillings- apple, peach, kielbasa sausage and popsika topping

The finished products!! Yummy!


Mod Girl said...

Hooray! They look perfect! I'm so glad you did it. I'll be making mine next week.

D&A said...

They really do look perfect! Good job!!! Did Ronnie help? Don't you just love when favorite recipes turn out? I made snickerdoodles last night, and the batch I made for the guys' Bible study turned out exactly right. (I'm bringing the rest of the dough to the cabin to bake fresh there.)

Mary said...

Well - I am so glad I get to taste these yummy looking Kolaches!! I need to learn how to make them - maybe you can have a tutorial lesson with me!