Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Small Town Christmas Parade!

Yesterday evening Ronnie and I ventured out in the chilly night air to watch our town's annual Christmas parade! It was quite fun, complete with bands, floats, dancers, candy, horses, and lots of sirens and flashing lights. Sadly, the lighting was pretty tough on the pics. But I wanted to share some!My nephews would have loved this vintage John Deere with lights!
Christmas music provided by the local high school.
The motorcycle police from the capital city!

It brought back fond memories of when I was a small child I got to ride on a float with my uncle, sisters, and cousins in the the Christmas parade in the small town where my mom grew up!


Mod Girl said...

Okay, the name "Ronnie"... I'm still having a hard time with it!

We went to our Christmas parade late last week, also complete with a vintage John Deere and lots of flashing lights, as well as army vehicles and antique cars. The boys loved it.

Anonymous said...

Army Vehicles, that sounds like a lot of fun. Still though, the best part of the parade was the dance 'team' from the high school. Our pastor described their outfits and moves "borderline pornographic."
I didn't look, so I wouldn't know.