Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peru- Part 3

Monday we head over to the third church, Arevalo, where we met the Peruvian camp staff and prepared for the week ahead. Many college age Peruvians from all three churches volunteered their time for the week to be "counselors" for the campers. They were invaluable translators as well!!

Arevalo Church

We went over how camp would run each day, some fun camp songs, and how to share the wordless book. We paired up and practiced together.

One thing that impressed us greatly about Peru was how welcoming and generous the people were. They couldn't have made us feel more welcome at Arevalo! We were treated to an AMAZING lunch that I can only imagine that they worked all morning to prepare! It was made about a block away at the Pastor's house by his gracious wife and some other women. We then carried the pots over to the church and enjoyed (in my opinion) our best meal in Peru!

Lomo Saltado with Aji sauce

Our meal was a beef stir fry type dish. It was served with rice and over french fries (french fries are a staple in Peru!) There was a VERY spicy Aji (pepper) sauce to put on the dish that was excellent! We also had vegetables and then ice cream for dessert. Oh and I can't forget- Inca Cola to drink. Inca Cola is the drink of Peru. If you ask me it tastes like bubblegum flavored soda. I prefer to stick with good ole Coca Cola!

Some more pics from Arevalo:

work on the church

Later we visited the camp site and set up. Before returning to the hotel we spent a couple hours at an orphanage but that deserves a post of its own!


Amanda said...

Wow, that meal looks delicious! Kinda reminds me of how the Portuguese do "picnics": they bring out the china, steaming cauldrons and cook full-scale meals!

Good pics and great Peru posts. Keep 'em comin'.

Mary said...

Love "Part 3" - it must be fun to be reliving each day as you blog it! Did you bring a recipe for the rice and beef dish - the french fries and rice I can handle :-) - it's really a colorful dish! Friendliness makes all the difference in a foreign country - makes you love them or dislike them. Keep the pics and stories coming!