Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peru- Part 5

Tuesday through Friday were spent running a camp for children from the 3 churches, the orphanage and a bunch of missionary kids. Each day we took "Bob" the bus out to a facility in the Moche area of Trujillo. This area was the center of the ancient Moche empire that was defeated by the Inca Indians. The facility we rented was actually at the base of the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, two ancient sites of pagan worship and human sacrifice.

The children were divided into 5 groups based upon age. Each group was assigned several Peruvian volunteers who acted as their counselors, as well as translaters at each activity. Each group did every activity each day. The activities included:
Super Fun Games: Parachute, inflatables, and games
Horseback riding





We also had snack time with plenty of ice cream!

and lunch time with...

lots of Inca Cola!

At each activity we had object lessons that taught a Bible lesson that related to the activity and then the day wasn't complete without assembly time with lots of fun songs and then teaching about Creation and the book of Genesis.

Here are some more pics:

We welcomed the kids each morning with a tunnel!

The Titanic in Peru!

Picture frame craft...we gave them a group picture at the end of the week.

"fishing" for treats

Camp was a blast! It was a great time of playing hard, learning about our great God and building relationships!


Mary said...

What content, happy faces on all the children (as well as the staff)! Such a fun experience - thanks for sharing it with us!

Amanda said...

Great pics! I feel like I was there...