Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peru- Part 6

The evenings after camp each day were spent in various ways. One day we went to the beach and enjoyed the Pacific Ocean! The water was pretty chilly, but of course Ronnie took a dip!

Each night a different missionary family hosted us for dinner. This was quite the task as they had to feed 26 very hungry "campers" but they did a wonderful job and the food and hospitality couldn't have been better. We enjoyed lots of fresh mangoes, avocados, and tres leche cake!

One night at supper we even had live entertainment. A group of musicians from one of the churches came and performed some traditional Peruvian music for us! This was so fun and there was even some dancing!


Mod Girl said...

Look at you and Ronnie cutting a rug! Cute.

Mary said...

I didn't think Ronnie ever danced! And he has a smile on his face - imagine that! He is a good sport. You make me drool with all the talk about mangos and avocados!

Amanda said...

Look at everybody's faces in the background in that dancing picture. They obviously loved it!