Monday, September 28, 2009

Eat Your Veggies

I purchased an eggplant at Kroger the other day and have since deliberated over how to use it. The last time I cooked with one wasn't stellar and I didn't really want to use that recipe again. After reading multiple recipes, I decided to throw my own version together to make a meatless meal. Turned out pretty well I think!

Saute together in EVOO:
1 diced eggplant
minced garlic clove
Diced onion (I used some red and white onion) and bellpepper (I used red and green)
a sprinkling of salt and pepper
generous amounts of basil and oregano!

Once the veggies are tender, add 1 can Italian style diced tomatoes.

Serve over angel hair pasta with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese to top.

How is that for easy! I thought it was yummy and Ronnie cleaned his plate, although he isn't huge on meat least it wasn't as bad as my huge Vegetable Risotto Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (on a bed of wilted spinach) when we first got married :) Way too much mushroom- and veggies for that matter!!

Laugh...not so appetizing huh?!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Sounds delish... but I doubt I could get any of my men to eat it. You'll have to cook it for me someday.

Amanda said...

You guys had those mushroom leftovers for days! I thought it looked really good actually . . .

I know, I always try to sneak in vegetarian meals once in a while-it used to be I could scrape by without Daniel noticing, but he's gotten better at it. It's like it's all good and then he realizes there's no meat, and it's suddenly, the light goes out for him. The meal loses its purpose and masculinity!

(The best was when I made asparagus breakfast casserole and he thought it had sausage in it! Success! I told him, and he barely believed me.)

Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? I've heard you can use it instead of the noodles! What do you think? Part of me doesn't believe it, the other part of me is dying for someone ELSE to try it so I can find out!!! :)

Paula said...

That sounds yummy! Tuan is rather testy about meatless meals, although he has gotten more sanctified in that department.
When we were first married, we were making a pizza and I kept the pepperoni hidden in the fridge. With each layer of veggies and no meat I could see his concern rising. It was kind of mean, I guess.

Mary said...

Two weeks after Paul and I married we moved to Lisbon, Portugal, with MTW, where I knew not one word of Portuguese. Those were the days when you had to buy meat at a butchers and ask for what you wanted. Needless to say, I tried to avoid that at all costs. Happily, I found dried beans and lentils (yay - protein) on the store shelves - no talking - just pick it up and buy it. With my Mennonite cookbook, I worked my way through the lentil section, but when we got to curried lentils, Paul drew a line. To this day he can not look at a lentil without teasing me! And I have never again tried lentils as a main course. hmmmm - now that is chilly out - I just may get a hankering...!