Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The World of Couponing!

I have ventured into the vast world of couponing! After reading multiple blogs and sites I decided to try and work the savings for myself. Before I started reading up on this I had very little luck with coupons, finding that it was still cheaper to buy the store brands then get something like 25 cents off the name brand. But I am learning so much and saving so much!

Here are a few rules I have learned:
1. Get a Sunday paper and all the coupon flyers in it!!
2. Print coupons online off of sites like
3. Match coupons with rock bottom sale prices- Kroger always has a lot of items on sale for a dollar, match a coupon with this price and it costs pocket change.
4. Stock up when you can get something deeply discounted.
5. Plan meals around what is a deal that week

I have been really impressed with Kroger so far. The cashiers have been extremely helpful and have answered LOTS of my questions. My Kroger doubles coupons 60 cents and under so that leads to even more savings.

The first week I tried it I saved $25.76 in coupon and store sale savings. This week I saved $42.93 and spent a whopping $6.75! The extremely low price for a week's worth of groceries can largely be credited to $25 that I got on my kroger card for simply transferring a prescription there. What a deal!

These are my best deals so far:

Wonder hot dog buns FREE (regulary 2.49)
Pillsbury Grands Juniors biscuits FREE (regularly 1.00)
Dove Deodorant $.74 (regularly 4.19)
Old Spice Deodorant for 1.88 each (regularly 3.20 each)
Activia yogurt 4 pack for $.88 (regulary 2.79)

Some other great deals not pictured:
Barlett Pears .99/lb
Peaches .99/lb
Oscar Meyer hot dogs 1.50 (regularly 3.29)
Frozen Steamer veggies 1.00 (regularly 2.15)
Kroger Fruit Snacks 1.00 (regularly 2.00)
Bounty Paper Towels .50 (regularly 1.39)
Kroger Chicken Breasts 1.99/lb (regularly 3.00/lb)

Ronnie says this is my new hobby and maybe he is right. I love a good bargain!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Way to go! After couponing for nearly 3 years I fell off the bandwagon this summer, I just couldn't do it with both boys climbing all over the cart. I've been trying to find the motivation to begin again but my feet are still dragging.

Mary said...

Good Job! Lots of money for sweet dishes that you can find at Goodwill!!! You'll have to teach me the basics - I'll let you do the research! Great deals - I'm impressed!

Carly said...

wow suz, good for you! teach me your ways when i get back to the states! :)

Anna Beall said...

I haven't been couponing because of shopping at Wal-mart, but I plan to start again when I head up to Tuscaloosa next week for Bible study and hit Publix! Your post just gets me more motivated.

Amanda said...

Can you explain the part where they double your coupon under sixty cents. Does that mean that you can bring two coupons for one item, or they scan the same one twice.

I'm on my way to starting this, I think I'm going to buy a Sunday paper from the kids that stand on the corners every Sunday and try it. Smith's (my Kroger) finally decided to let me have a card. . . so we'll see.

Thanks for posting! I love it and as always, I'm so impressed!

your long winded sistah

Gracie said...

The doubling things means that if i have a coupon that is for 60 cents or less off an item then they will double the amount deducted, for example last week I had a 25 cents off paper towels but they took 50 cents off because they doubled it. This works great with ones from the news paper flyers, but a lot of time the coupons you can print online say no doubling.

Stores have different policies about doubling so check with your specific one to see what they do. Some Krogers only double ones 40 cents or less or something.

I think this will be a good week to get a paper because there weren't any inserts last week because of Labor Day but i hear their are going to be a ton this Sunday. I am learning that the savings definitely increase the longer you do this as you accumulate more and more coupons. Apparently, you might clip one one week but have to wait a month or so for the item to go on sale and really get a good deal.

Anyways THAT was long winded!! Let me know if you have more questions.

Mississippi (Coupon) Queen said...

So nice to know there is someone else in Jackson couponing! We will have to compare notes!