Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hamming it Up

I am still enjoying my new coupon hobby and I am getting some great deals. One that I was particularly excited about was some really high value Sara Lee lunch meat coupons I printed. I was able to print 4 $3.00 off coupons! To my dismay, when I looked for Sara Lee deli meat at the store I couldn't find it...alas though it was to be found not with the rest of the deli meat, but with the special stuff at the counter with the prepared food and more gourmet stuff (ohhh...who knew Sara Lee was so special :) It was $3.98 a package, so i paid $.98 for it. Let me say though that we aren't big deli meat eaters. I feel like every time I buy it I end up throwing some away as it goes bad before we can eat it all (deli meat only lasts 7 days after being opened, sigh). This time I took every precaution for that not to happen- I mean, if I'm going to save all this money buying it I don't want it to end up in the trash. I opened the package and used some in a quiche I was making. I set some aside in the fridge for a pizza later this week and the rest got divided into 4 ziplock bags for the freezer, so I can pull them out as needed. How exciting to have meat for 6 meals for $.98! And still 3 more $3 off coupons to go!!

***Note: for all you facebookers, if you become a fan of Sara Lee Deli they will email you a $3.oo off coupon! (The source of my other 3 reached its print limit, so get this one while you can.)


Amanda said...

Fun! Other ham recipe faves:

-stuffed breadbowl sandwiches (I think I made it for y'all once.)

-grilled cheese and ham panini

-chicken cordon bleu (the ham gets rolled up in the chicken)

-the rest I put in Daniel's lunches. :)

Great deals, thanks for teaching me so much thus far!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

You crack me up! I freeze mine when I'm able to stock up at a cheap price.

Mary said...

You can download from my computer and buy it for me!!!! Of course, I will be happy to pay you a dollar a package! I use ham all the time - lunch sandwiches,grilled pizza, salads, and mac and cheese. Happy cooking!

Paula said...

You are amazing! I so admire couponing people. I tried it once and ended up with all junk food. What websites do you visit?