Monday, February 1, 2010

Posie Update!

The decorations for the church Father/Daughter Valentine's banquet are coming along- thanks to the help of so many friends and family! I couldn't be getting all this done without all the help and I am so grateful!!

Our living room has been turned into craft central, thanks to a card table set up in the middle of it.

About 200 posies are made! The corsages are halfway done and I still have 35 tissue paper puff balls to go but I am encouraged! I am enjoying it and hanging out with people while putting it all together has been the best part.


Amanda said...

Oh wow! 200! They are so beautiful too. Y'all have done a fabulous job; I just wish I could be there helping!

I bet your communal crafting is like old fashioned quilting parties!

Jo-Jo said...

I would be happy to help you do more stuff on Wednesday afternoon. I love the big tissue ball on top of the glass vase - makes a huge statement on tables in a big room! Good job!