Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pray for Mr. Long

Add Aaron to your prayer list this week (and every other week for that matter). He needs it. His students are pushing the limits and a few are really struggling academically.

-Pray that the students would grow in love and kindness for one another. They can be pretty mean to one another.
-Pray that those who are behind would have understanding and that Aaron would best know how to meet their needs.
-Pray for lunch time! This seems to be the most challenging time of the day for him. 21 kids have to get their food heated up in 1 microwave AND not get out of control crazy.

Thank you for praying!

On a lighter note, last night while grading papers, Aaron came across this answer. Where did Columbus spend several years before sailing to the New World? Answer: Pothigle (In case you can't decipher that, here is a hint: this is the country that Aaron was born and raised in.)


julia said...

Maybe a few people could donate a couple more microwaves...or you could look for some at a Goodwill??

Susie said...

Sadly, more than one microwave running in his room blows the fuse :/

Heather said...

Absolutely will pray.

And. . . is it "Portugal"?

Did you know my husband is PORTUGUESE???

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

My solution to the microwave lunch woes... loaves of bread and peanut butter. Seriously.

Yes, we will pray.