Monday, October 3, 2011

House Hunting

We have done some house hunting in the past few months. We aren't in any big rush to buy, but decided it would be a good thing to begin looking. Let me tell you, we have seen some crazy things! I wish that I had been taking my camera along and blogging about our experiences, because as our realtor says, "I sure know how to pick em!"

The first house that we went to see was in the part of town where my parents live. You might remember that they suffered major tornado damage there in April. We knew that is was possible that this house might have some damage, but we weren't prepared for the fact that it didn't have a single tree left, or a single blade of grass for that matter, and there had been a tree through the roof and ceiling. Lovely :) No wonder the house was priced so low, huh?

We saw another house that was a rather small 3 bedroom, 1 bath house and the owners had decided to expand a bit. They proceeded to add a HUGE den that was about the size of the whole rest of the house. It made for an awkwardly massive room and didn't solve any of the older home's woes of still having the laundry in the kitchen. They made a coat closet into another bathroom, you know, airplane style where you can sit on the pot and wash your hands in the sink. I just don't understand why when adding so much square footage they didn't address some of the obvious needs of the house.

Speaking of poorly planned renovations leads me to another house that ranks up there as an all time favorite of ours. It provided us with many laughs! It was another pretty small house to begin with that the owners had decided to add onto. They started by finishing a room in the attic. We climbed the stairs up and went through a trap door at the top. Yes, a trap door and it was strange. After climbing into the room our realtor declared that it was a room for the Little People from TLC. In other words, you couldn't really stand up in there. They had added a nice bathroom up there too, but sadly it was also made for little people. We quickly headed downstairs and went to check out the other bedrooms. Off of one of the bedrooms was an added master bath and master bedroom. Oddly, to reach the master bedroom, one had to walk through both the other bedroom and through the master bath. The master bath was equipped with a family sized bathtub. I do not jest.

And finally we saw a foreclosure whose kitchen was completely missing, cabinets included. It was a bare room. We further explored the house and were shocked to find a mirror that had hinges on it in one of the bedroom closets. The mirror opened to reveal a secret stairwell to the attic and a very odd room that was half finished in the attic. It was rather creepy to be honest.

And so our house hunting continues. Perhaps I will start taking my camera along. In the mean time, you should check out Hooked on Houses Funny MLS Photos. Seriously check it out, you might even laugh out loud; they are hilarious!!

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