Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Buggy Buster Sale

Hopefully this post will encourage some of you that are just starting out with couponing. I was looking back today and saw that on my first real venture into couponing I saved 25.76 in coupons and Kroger card savings combined. That number grew a little bit more each week. I have been at this now for over 6 months and still have lots to learn, but I am settling into a groove. It takes time though! So even if you feel like your savings are small, I encourage you to keep at it. It really will pay off. This week I saved $122.67 (75%). You can too!

Kroger is having a "Cart Buster" sale right now. My witty sister in law stated that in the south this could be termed a "Buggy Buster" event. Today I went and busted my buggy and I was pleased with the results. There are a lot of things that could be gotten free this week and a lot of cheap baking mixes to stock up on...I think its great to have brownie and cake mixes on hand for quick dessert/entertaining options. (Confession- I NEVER make brownies or cake from scratch).

Now the nitty gritty and some deals to look out for if you are headed to Kroger this week:

Items free because of combining coupons, ecoupons and sales:
4 multipacks of yoplait Fiber 1 yogurt
2 multiplacks of Yoplait Delights
2 bags of Chex Mix
2 tubs frosting
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights desserts
3 pouches BC potatoes

Items free because of free product coupons I have received: (keep reading those coupon blogs to see opportunities to get stuff like this)
2 boxes Kashi cereal
1 box Oreos cakesters- these are like oreo moon pies, kinda strange.
1 box Tampex tampons (a catalina that has mysteriously printed for me twice now)
2 boxes Cheerios (these came in my Valentine mailer from Kroger)
1 king size Reese cups (play the game on the Kroger website, that is where I won this...other people are winning all kinds of fun products and even store credit)

Buggy Buster Good Deals:
6 Green Giant Steamer veggies .28 each
5 lb Gold Medal flour 1.24
Manager's special roast 6.34
4 Pillsbury sweet rolls .10 each
12 roll's Marcal TP for 3.99
2 BC Brownie Mixes .63 each
2 BC cake mixes .25 each
2 BC muffin mixes .50 each
3 BC cookie mixes .30
2 Old Spice Deodorants 1.38 each
2 Cascadian Farms organic granola 1.74 each
1 Softsoap .30
1 Sun laundry detergent 1.25

Needless to say we should be set on sweets for a while :) I jokingly told my sister and brother in law on the phone last night that I wasn't going to post a pic this week because I knew I was stocking up on dessert mixes. But upon request, there it is all out there for you, desserts and all :)


Anna Beall said...

I'm very impressed!(and glad you posted a photo of it all:)

Joey and Elizabeth said...

Oh my stars... how do you do this??? Before I was working, I tried a little. It was time consuming, & I never felt like it was "worth it." After the baby comes... I may have to come have a lesson!!!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

A 75% savings?!!! That's great... I've never, ever shopped that well.

The wonderful thing about baking mixes is that they have a looooong shelf life -- no shame in stocking up on those because they're always useful.

I really should shop this sale big but I'm not sure if I'll pull it off. Better get my coupon box out today and see what all I can get, with Baby Sister coming soon it would be wise to have some extra baking mixes.

Amanda said...

I'm am SO glad that God has provided my bro with such an amazingly frugal little wifie!

SUPER impressed, great buys.