Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A good source for free full size products is I signed up several months ago and have received several offers to try new products...including a Digiorno pizza, Oreo Cakesters, and today I just received an offer for Philidelphia Minis (cream cheese). They send the coupons in the mail for free products and its fun to try them out! The Oreo Cakesters were interesting... umm give me the original oreos any day over these though! (If you like moon pies you might like them.) Afterward you can go back to the site and fill out a survey about the product. I always try to do this in hopes that they will keep the offers coming!

Also, if you live near a Kroger don't forget to play Hit the Hoops Sweepstake at Remember last week I won a free king size Reese Cup? This week I won $5 credit loaded to my Kroger card! You can play daily so keep at it...I went a lot of days without winning anything. Let me know if you win something fun!


Michelle Smith said...

When I checked First Taste when people were saying they had gotten a free DiGiorno, I checked mine and only got a $1 off...but, I got a free coupon in the mail later! I had $1 off coupons again today for both the cakesters and the cream cheese, so I'm hoping I'll get free coupons in the mail again :)
And I got free Reese's too, and I have also gotten some free peanuts...I keep hoping for the $5 off, but no luck yet. Gonna keep trying though!
Hoping to do my "buggy buster" shopping trip tomorrow. Jude has been sick, so I haven't been able to get out much, but I'm hoping for some big savings!

Amanda said...

I have played that basketball game so many times and the ball NEVER goes in!!! I've been trying like, to wait before clicking, clicking it on different parts of the ball. . . slow clicking, etc.

Do you think maybe I'm trying TOO hard???