Thursday, March 11, 2010

What we have been up too...

Yesterday marked the beginning of my Spring break and I am excited!

After school I did some couponing at Rite Aid. $1.40 spent for all this!

Several weeks ago when my parents visited they brought an early birthday/house warming present...this fabulous Le Creuset that my mom found a deal on at Tuesday Morning:

I was eager to use it so I put in a roast (a la Pioneer Woman style) and then got to play with this cutie:

After a little nap and then saying goodbye, this was smelling wonderful

We enjoyed our roast and then some Thursday night TV.

Today the weather was beautiful yet again. I am loving the blue skies and sun shine!

Ronnie unexpectedly had a break in the middle of the day so we packed our lunches and headed here:

I love a good picnic even if it just is PB and honey.

Happy Spring is almost here to you!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I wish we could've joined you for the picnic; the boys would love that playground.

Isn't Le Creuset wonderful?! I wasn't a believer until I inherited my pieces last summer and started using them.

Hard to believe we're going to have an itty bitty one sacked out like that little guy pretty soon!

Jo-Jo said...

Love your new table runner! Looks like it would go really well with the crazy daisy cake stand you gave me for Christmas.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, Gracie! Thanks so much for posting all these wonderful pics! It made me sad b/c I didn't recognize your plates! (Why would that make me sad? Maybe just cuz I wanna be in your house more often!!) The housewarming gift was AWESOME! How fun was that? And love the table runner and products for 1.40! Glad you had fun babysitting. Ahh, fun post. Loved it.