Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freezer Cooking: Part 2

Today after school the freezer cooking continued. First thing I made some pizza dough so it could get rising while I worked on other stuff. Next I made a lasagna. I split the full recipe into two 8x8 pans. I lined the pans with foil, put them together and then froze them (unbaked). After they froze I lifted the foil wrapped casseroles out and bagged them up for easier storage. When its time to make them I can just plunk them back into the pans.

I also put together a couple of bags of taco meat for us to have for taco salad bowls (one of our current favorite meals). This is simply browned ground beef with spices, black beans and a little corn added in.

About the time I finished that Ronnie came home from work and look what he had:

Pink Tulips to celebrate the end of school!! What a great husband!!

Tonight I finished up today's projects by cooking and shredding chicken (to be used tomorrow) and baking 2 loaves of banana oat bread.

Tomorrow should wrap up the freezer cooking and I'm glad...I'm tired!


Amanda said...

I am SO impressed! You've worked your fingers to the bone!! Everything sounds so good . . . and you make it sound easy, I bet your kitchen didn't even get messy!!

Also, those flowers from Ronnie were gorgeous, and you arranged them so perfectly on the mantle. Ahh, real flowers are so special, aren't they? What a sweet bro I have . . .and what a great wife he has!

Gracie said...

Oh it got messy Amanda!! Very messy!