Friday, April 30, 2010

Freezer Cooking: Part 3

I wrapped up freezer cooking this afternoon and let me tell you it felt good to be done! Cooking that much food at once is hard work. I think it will pay off in May though...I will let you know! Here is what the results were:

Chicken Fajitas x2
Taco Salad Meat x2
Lasagna x2
King Ranch Casserole x2
Pizza Dough x4
Baja Citrus marinated Chicken x3
Greek Chicken Kabobs x1
Super Bean Burritos x10
Creamy Hash Brown Casseroles x3
Roast (uncooked) x1
Loaf of Banana Oat Bread x1

Should be enough for 20 plus meals! It feels good to have all this done, but I gotta keep it real- there is now something gritty all on my kitchen floor (surely spilled salt or sugar), the chair in my room is COVERED in clothes that need to be put away, and the bathrooms desperately need cleaning. One thing at a time though and right now that thing is bed!! Good night!


Hannah and Scott said...

Wow girl...I am seriously impressed. I may have to try doing that! We spend way too much money eating out b/c we don't have an easy meal to make! Having something frozen to pull out would be perfect =)

Paula said...

Thanks for keeping it real! I want to try this in the fall when meals become regular again. (post-camp). Those burritos sound great--in fact, everything does! I so need to clean out my freezer . . . .