Friday, August 13, 2010

And the winner is...

Watch this video to find out the winner:

Thanks for all the packing tips! We are making progress. Lots of boxes around, but I decided it is less stressful for me to live around lots of packed boxes for a week, then spend the week staring at all the stuff I still have to pack.

Ronnie created this ingenious Styrofoam model airplane hanger.

Nice huh?!


Jo-Jo said...

Congats Michelle on winning the coveted coupon book!!! Looks like the packing is progressing - now comes the fun part - cleaning! My youngest is off to college today - next week, Ronnie, my oldest is off to Birmingham to start a new job! So glad he is married to you, Gracie, now it's an adventure!

Amanda said...

SUCH a cute video. You need to do videos more often -- every time I see a vid of my fam, I watch it like eight times. The praying mantis one was my favorite. Your packing looks so neat, hopefully the models will make it there okay.