Wednesday, August 11, 2010

La Guadalupe Taqueria- you MUST try it!

Our friends Adam and Heather recently moved to San Diego. We were excited for them since we went there several years ago and loved it! We were telling them how we had the best Mexican food ever while we were there. They suggested that we check out La Guadalupe Taqueria here in town. We knew we wanted to try it before we moved and we had to run an errand near by so we decided to check it out. Boy were we glad that we did!

It's an unassuming little building near the corner of Old Canton Rd. and County Line Rd., but the service couldn't have been better! The server recommended the taco combo meal and we both ordered that. 3 tacos (chicken, steak, and BBQ brisket) piled high with fresh ingredients on corn tortillas made right then when we ordered.

Pictures don't do it justice...go try it for yourself though! You won't regret it!

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Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

We ate "monster tacos" at a very similar place in Phoenix a few years ago. Awesome! Hmmm, considering the fact that you won't be stocking your frig or your pantry before the move I expect you two will be going back. Wish we could join you.

Anonymous said...

I hope to go back before we leave! ;) It really was yummy, too bad we only found it now...


Paula said...

We had the pleasure of dining there a few months ago! Muy delicioso! Aaron, you should try the torta next time. Tuan nearly died of bliss. Heck, let's go together!

Amanda said...

Oh isn't this typical to find a place you love right before you move--OH WELL, we will have a place to go out to eat when we all visit the P's in Jackson!

I love authentic Mexican food! Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of Mex Rests. in Vegas! Though we ate 33 cent tacos the other day at "Del Taco" fast food chain!