Thursday, February 10, 2011


A big congratulations to Aaron who brought home two awards this past weekend from a model airplane show!! He entered 2 planes and one got first in its category and the other third!!

Lots of hard work and skill went into these:

Great job Aaron! I'll even donate a cake plate for the display :) (temporarily that is)

And now a few more photos from our dating days...

Hanging out at Sonic with friends. Nothing like lots of laughter and a cream slush!


Amanda said...

OH MY GOODNESS~ Congratulations, Ronnie!!! That's amazing, I didn't even know you'd entered them . . . WOW.

Jo-Jo said...

So proud of you! And the plaques can go on the wall so you don't need a cake stand for them! And I love all the dating pictures - that was such a happy time1