Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ring Around the Posie

If you will recall this time last year, I (with the help of some of you) was busy making TONS of posies and decorations for the Father/Daughter Valentines Banquet at church. They were really fun to make and I ended up with a big box of them after the event.

Lately, I have been seeing tons of cute Valentine wreath ideas on blogs, like this one from Our Best Bites:

Or this one from Thrifty Decorating:

I was inspired to bring out the posies and make a Valentine wreath! I had a grapevine wreath and simply tacked the posies onto it.

It was really quick to put together (especially since I already had the posies made)

I like the seasonal touch to my window!

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Amanda said...

Oh, I LOVE the wreath . . . it's really pretty . . . I made some of those rosettes this week! Will bloggy them soon. I'm glad that you saved all of those, they're so versatile and cute.