Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I previously starting posting pics from our dating days in honor of our approaching anniversary. Today is a collage of more pics from before we were married.

For my valentine, who I love more and more every day. He is so giving, so fun, and my very best friend!

(Click on collage to enlarge)

(FYI- weekly meal plan is now on the right side of blog)


Jo-Jo said...

Nice new format - love all the work you are putting into your blog! And such happy memories from all the pictures of your dating days. The California pictures have tons of memories and I am so glad all of us got to go. (especially since you are the one that found the great tickets)
I love the wreath pictures as well - now you need to help me find a fun spring/Easter one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the collage. Many stories there. Thanks for a yummy supper too!
Love you

Amanda said...

Oh, your new blog is beautiful. . .I really like the fresh look. I love all the pics, too. I didn't know that you wore that blue bridesmaid dress again! Yay! (or was that my wedding?)

Love you.