Monday, July 4, 2011

Account of my trip to the Cosmetology School

It had been a painfully long time since I got a haircut and I was suddenly desperate for one. I hadn't planned ahead and made an appointment so on a whim I headed to the cosmetology school right by the dance studio. A friend of mine had gotten a super cute cut there and I knew it only cost $7 so I decided to be brave and risk it.

I was a little nervous as I sat in the chair with a very young student chopping at my hair. It didn't help that to my left another patron lost a side burn- yes, a student chopped off a chunk of the poor guy's side burn. There was a flurry of activity over how to remedy the situation and they guy did not seem too happy at all. My stylist was friendly, but was PAINFULLY slow. However, I think his carefulness paid off...overall it was a good haircut and I have no complaints. I would much rather have a slow and careful haircut then lose a chunk of hair any day.

Before I left the stylist looked at me and said, "Oh I thought you should know that you have a little bit of lice." "WHAT?!" I about jumped out of the chair. I looked at him incredulously and protested that I certainly did not have lice! He responded with, "Well it is just a little bit." I continued to protest and question him when suddenly he said, "Oh wait, I don't mean lice. I meant dandruff. Your scalp is a little dry." I heaved a sigh of relief and then promptly admonished him to learn his terminology better since he had just about given me a heart attack.

Happy 4th of July friends!!

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Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Lice, eeeeeek!! I'm laughing. Sounds like the young stylist is slow in more ways than one.

Amanda said...

How is it possible to get that confused? Okay, maybe if English was his second language. Maybe! I can just see your big blue eyes popping open in shock and surprise. Laughing . . .

I'm super impressed . . . a 7 dollar hair cut! We have a 'beauty school' that does mani and pedis for 20 dollars, I'm thinking about it at some point . . . Maybe when you come visit me! We can be told we have some rare fungal disease, oops, I mean. . . high arches. :)

(I'm super impressed that you have this posting on your vacation!?)

Amanda said...

Daniel and I had a good laugh at this when I read it to him later. So well-written. :)

Joey and Elizabeth said...

oh gracious... i would have fallen out of the chair! how funny :)

Anonymous said...

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