Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly deals and some exciting shopping to come!

Here are the Publix deals that I have to show for the week:

I paid $48.33 for those groceries including the $50 gas gift card! I was happy to grab up some cheap cheese and pasta. The Emeril Bam meals (ravioli) was a moneymaker deal...not sure about those, we will see :)

The gas card will come in handy as we have a trip coming up. I am planning to spend a significant chunk of my July grocery budget on this trip. Why, you ask?! Because one of our destinations is in Amish country!

I don't anticipate any snow this trip, but hopefully some cooler weather than here!

We are headed to see Aaron's grandparents. They live in a small town in Iowa and there is a great Amish store there where you can by all kinds of wonderful things from bulk. Last time we went I got a 4.5 lb bag of oatmeal for just over $2. I got a huge container of dried oregano for 42 cents and got some great deals on stuff like orzo and couscous. This year I plan to bring back all kinds of wonderful things!!

This is the only picture I could find of the store from our last trip, of course of the candy aisle :)

I am hoping we can make a stop at the delicious bakery there too. Nothing like Amish and Mennonite baked goods!

We are also going to be spending some time in St. Louis and I plan to hit up Trader Joe's there. Alright all you Trader Joe's fans...what are your favorite items from there? Anything in particular that we should try?

Have a great weekend!!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Can I place a bulk order? Seriously. I'll reimburse.

When do you leave?

Liz said...

Matt and I love Trader Joes wine for $3 dollars a bottle. We always stock up when we get a chance to go.
Have fun!

Susie said...

@Christian: yes! call or email me to place your order :)

Amanda said...

I like all the cheap wine, I second Liz's note. There are some flavored almonds that are good. Hmm . . . I'll keep thinkin'

Amanda said...

And I'm curious if Christian is wanting a bulk order of wine! Laugh. . .

Susie said...

@Amanda: HAHA, quite the contrary, her's was a bulk order from Stringtown, the Amish store.