Friday, July 22, 2011

Change in our diet?

Looking at what I bought at Publix this week might lead you to believe that we are becoming vegetarians or giving up dairy...

Not so! I just love a good deal and trying new things! I was excited to get all this for $8.39. We have tried some of the Morning Star breakfast foods and really like them. We tried one type of veggie burgers already and they were good, we shall see how the other varieties are. At 60 cents for a box of 4 burgers, I thought why not try several types.

PS Have you tried the tacos at Cantina at Pepper Place (or at their other 2 locations)? They are sooo good. Aaron highly recommends the fish tacos. I like the chicken and steak ones. There is currently a deal to get a $20 voucher for $10 here! Check it out.

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