Monday, September 6, 2010

Come on in and take a look...

Welcome to our humble abode! Two sets of guests this weekend gave us the final push to get things unpacked.

I love the pillow covers and curtains that Ronnie's mom whipped up for me right before we left. She is amazing...aren't they beautiful!

Dining Area- we love how open the main room is!

Kitchen= Poor Ronnie, no dishwasher...His one request :(

We are adjusting to just having one bathroom. At our last 2 places we had THREE bathrooms! We were spoiled for sure! I must say though, this makes cleaning easier.

The hallway is almost a room in itself. This is where Ronnie's computer desk is and behind the striped shower curtain is the laundry area.

Our bedroom...minus some new lamps I am saving for :)

The second bedroom is a work in progress. There is still a little unpacking to be done in here. It doubles at Ronnie's work space and a place for guests. I have several projects for this room eventually, as does Ronnie (he plans to make that wine storage shelf into a model display shelf).

The infamous modeling desk:

We have already enjoyed our balcony so much, especially recently with the cooler weather. It's the perfect place to read, eat a meal, or just sit (it's where I am blogging right now actually!)

Hope you have enjoyed the long holiday weekend! Happy Labor Day!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

It looks GREAT!!!! I must say, the new curtains and throw pillows make the room -- that fabric is the perfect complement to your sofa. I love all of the bright colors that you've used.

Can I come and stay for a while?! I would love to have tea and toast for breakfast on your balcony.

Anna Beall said...

It is so cute. I love it. I really like that picture in your bedroom of the leaf and flower balls- reminds me of your wedding. Can't wait to see it all in person sometime soon.

Gracie said...

Christian: yes come stay sometime!

Anna: Joanna painted that pic inspired by a one of our wedding pics! You should come stay too!

Jo-Jo said...

Lovely! Nothing like having guests to get one motivated to get little last minute details done! I think the pillows and curtains really make a statement - warms up an already happy home!!! Love you all and hope to be sleeping in your spare bedroom sooner rather than later!