Monday, June 27, 2011

More Thrifting and DIY Fun

My newest hobby is frequenting the thrift store (like making friends with the employees kind of frequenting. Note: I am finding that friendship with the employees pays off in the form of discounts and help getting items into your car AND they are some genuinely nice people). The Salvation Army happens to be pretty close to work and Aldi shopping for me so it is nice and convenient. I have had some fun finds lately. I have been doing lots of sanding, spray painting, crafting, and gluing lately. As a matter of fact I have a lot of projects currently in the works so stay tuned!!

Here is a completed one to check out now. I found a lacquer tray for 1.99 and had visions of beauty for it. Something like this that West Elm sold for $24...

Cute huh? I thought something like this would look particularly nice on our new coffee table (yes, yes I know I haven't posted the coffee table is coming, I promise! Maybe, MAYBE even by the end of the week. It is getting closer to being done. You can catch a glimpse of it below, the tray is sitting in it). Here is the before:

The red color of the tray was chipped and didn't match our decor at all. Some white spray paint, some fabric and some Modge Podge solved that problem.

Ahhh...much better!

Look at this thrift store beauty that I snapped a pic of:

I am still kicking myself for not buying it on the spot for $49...oh the potential.

Have you had any fun finds lately?


Jo-Jo said...

I love that you are finding time to just relax shop and craft! That dresser is awesome because the drawers are so big and spacious plus you can paint it without feeling guilty about ruining the value!!!

Amanda said...

Oh I do love that dresser!!! Go back and get it, that's why y'all have a truck. :) The tray looks great, it turned out perfectly. Did you have to sand that lacquer off of it? It reminds me of the green and white tray you and your parents gave me for my wedding, along with the sorbet cups! (I used those this week for dulce de leche mousse!)

Susie said...

Sadly the dresser sold really would be expected. I didn't snatch it up when I first saw it because we didn't really have anywhere to put it. The more I thought about it, I decided I loved it and would find somewhere to put it but alas, 24 hours later is was gone. The good news is that they put new furniture out EVERY day at this store so my chances of finding something else that I love are high.

No sanding was needed on the tray.

Joey and Elizabeth said...

Oh I NEED that dresser... tear. I've been looking on craigslist & such for one like that. The ones I keep seeing are WAY overpriced.
Love the tray - it's super cute, and I can't believe the spray paint changed it that much!!!
Can't wait to see your coffee table :)

Susie said...

@ Elizabeth: How many hours are you from Bham? I will keep my eyes peeled for you!

Paula said...

Maybe you need a console/buffet to go behind your sofa!? I cannot remember how your house is arranged. I loved having a dresser like that, but ours got roped into actual clothing storage. Keep up the fun posts!