Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrift Store Purchase and Craft

Ok, so I have to ask, who went to Salvation Army and bought everything I posted about?! I find it a bit mysterious that everything that I posted and commented about was gone when I went back! Guess somebody really loved that "Teacher's Throne." I want to know if one of you nabbed that entertainment center to make a kitchen...the tag said it had been there since November and now suddenly it is gone. No worries, there were plenty more similar ones.

I didn't go back for the chair or entertainment center, but I was hoping to grab up the coffee table. I was really disappointed when it wasn't there, but I think it was a blessing in disguise. Without that table being sold, I probably wouldn't have found the fabulous one that I bought! I am so excited about it and I can't wait to share pictures with you. Aaron and I both agree that it is a great fit in our living room. It does need some sanding and paint or stain. Not to worry, before and after pictures will be coming soon.

Now that we have a great new coffee table, I figured we need some coasters :) I received a box of photo coasters as a gift from a student this year and hadn't done anything with them yet. I wasn't crazy about the idea of putting photos in them, but thought that they could definitely be made into something really cute.

I cut some leftover fabric and inserted it in the coasters and loved the outcome:

Remember my new curtains and pillows in the living room?

The fabric was remnants from the living room. Stay tuned for a new pic of the living room soon with the addition of the coffee table!


Joey and Elizabeth said...

I love your taste!! Your living room is so fun & cute :) LOVE the white hutch - is that a thrift store find or one you had? Did you paint it?? I'm looking for something similar or a sideboard/buffet, but I don't want to spend much AT ALL on it. I really can't wait to see your coffee table & whatever you do with it!

Jo-Jo said...

Are those the pillows and curtains your sweet Mum in law made? Can't wait to see the coffee table. You should take it to Iowa so that Grammy and Grampa could help you sand, stain and polyurethane it!! They have all the tools! Just a thought!

Amanda said...

Haha, somebody in your local area did some birthday shopping for you at the thrift store! Just wait till your birthday, you might see that gold throne again!

Susie said...

@Elizabeth- Thanks!! The hutch was a craigslist was really ugly but I painted it and changed the hardware. I love it!

@Mary Jo- Yes! I have the best mum in law...she is so talented!! Thanks again for making them for me!!

@Amanda- I hope I don't see the throne again :)