Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stares and Glares

This afternoon I went to Publix armed with a bunch of coupons. I knew exactly what I was there to get (cheap cheese, free lunch meat, cheap organic milk and better than free bars) and made it to the check out fairly quickly. I chose a line with a young, friendly looking cashier and began checking out. As she was scanning my items a lot more people lined up behind me, some with not very many items (note- this was not an express line). I handed the cashier my coupons and she began to very slowly examine each one and then scan it. In her credit, she wasn't being obnoxious about studying them or anything- I think she was just doing her job conscientiously (and maybe a tad bit slowly). As she worked, I could feel the stares, glares, and sighs behind me. I heard an older couple whispering about my large stack of coupons.

Then, of course, she had to call a manager over. Apparently, I had more coupons than items (because I had both manufacturer ones and store ones). This doesn't violate any policies but apparently requires a manager to enter a code to override the register to make it allow more coupons to be scanned. I could really feel the glares now!

But then there was that sweet moment when she gave me my total: $13.90. I paid as quickly as I could and thanked her and fled to my car. Was it worth it?

To save $41.48...I would say so.


H Wagner said...

Where's your penny item?

Susie said...

Hallie, I didn't have the coupon :(

armadillocapturemission said...

Impressive! Where do you get these coupons?!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Way to go! Definitely worth stares and glares.

Organic milk is on sale this week at Kroger, too. You should try Ina Garten's recipe for sauteed fresh corn. I made it this week and it's delicious. There's a link on my sidebar.

Susie said...

@Shellie: Go here:
to see where to print the coupons and match them with the sale.

@Christian: Just saw that link last night on our blog and bookmarked it to try!