Friday, June 10, 2011

Thrifting Store Sights

We hit up the thrift store this week for some afternoon entertainment and fun (yes, we consider poking through people's cast offs to be fun)!! There was a lot to take in and I took my camera along to snap a few pics of stuff we saw.

Aaron ponders how many model airplanes could be displayed in this glass curio cabinet. The thrift store's prices decrease based on length of time in the store...this was dated with Aaron's birthday. Was it fated to be his? Perhaps not, we didn't bring it home :)

Remember the garage sale stool that I snagged for Aaron's classroom? I was wrong, he didn't want a medium height one, but a tall one (sigh). I suggested this might be a better solution:

A "teacher's throne" (it even swivels and has lovely gold designs on it, haha). This didn't make it home with us either.

I pondered this coffee table:

It has the same curved legs as our dining room table and side table. I was envisioning all the wonderful ways I could paint it. I didn't buy it (yet). What do you think??

Aaron did find something to bring home:

A keyboard drawer- he plans to install it on his hobby desk to put paint and such on. I am all for it, especially if it will keep the top surface less cluttered :)

When I saw this TV and entertainment stand...

I couldn't help but envision all the cute play kitchens that could be created from it. Like these:

Fresh Cut Flours

Hey Day Living

Finding Joy

Aren't those so cute and fun?! Sadly our apartment doesn't really have space for a play kitchen.

I was a little discouraged today at the prices at the thrift store. Some of them seemed pretty high. It made me think garage sales were the way to least then you can haggle on the price :). However, everything at this thrift store will be 50% off this Saturday...I just might have to go back.


Jo-Jo said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. these little kitchens. Amanda was showing them to me when we were there. I can just see Daniel making something like this as a project in a couple of years!!! As for the coffee table - with a coat of paint or stain it would look really nice. I want a coffee table with a lower shelf - so I can have a small stack of magazines and the top will be neater! (umm...right!) There is just so much fun in a thrift store with all the possibilities!

Jo-Jo said...

Actually, I scrolled back to look at the coffee table - it looks really good with out paint or stain!

Amanda said...

Ohhhh I just looooooove those for Julianna Jane! which did you like the best, Susie? I'm still partial to the red one.

Yeah, D and I noticed that thrift/consignment stores are WAY overpriced. Craig's List and garage sales are far better . . . but have you heard of Habitat for Humanity places where you can buy donated furniture? I saw something like that on TV where they bought furniture for 15 dollars etc. It was NICE stuff. Def. something to look in to.

Joey and Elizabeth said...

Lucy and I hit up a local antique store & a cheap, Hudson's type store... we were not impressed at all with the prices! I'm hoping to score something as I hit the yard sales in the morning... we'll see how long Lucy holds up!!