Monday, March 21, 2011

20 Items a Day Keeps the Junk Away!

We can't escape it.
It clutters up our spaces.
It can be conquered though!

Every once in a while I get the urge to purge :) Haha, that sounds funny, but I mean that I get the desire to simplify and clean out. Multiple moves and living in a smallish apartment has provided some great incentive in this area.

I have launched into a challenge for myself. The challenge is to get rid of 20 items everyday. I grabbed an extra laundry basket and this has become the spot for the "stuff." It then gets sorted into trash, donate, sell, return to owner, etc.

I can't take credit for this idea. I have been inspired by many in the blogosphere who are doing the same, taking various approaches. For some inspiration check out: Clover Lane and Spoonful.

How long will this challenge last? I am not sure but hopefully a while. I will check in and let you know periodically how it is going. I am three days in- that is 60 items gone!

Will you join me? Come know you have stuff that needs to go!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Wait... is there anything in that basket that I want?!

Good for you! Right now we're doing pretty well keeping our stuff cleaned out, but I may try this. I think the Fly Lady has some kind of similar daily challenge to find 10 things to throw away and 10 things to giveaway.

Gracie said...

No worries Christian, I will keep any good clothes or shoes out for you to peruse before passing them on :)

Jo-Jo said... do you expect the future generations to love your vintage things if you get rid of them before they turn vintage? So if you decide to get rid of any dishes/cake stands/cute tea know I will want each and every one!!!! I am so not kidding!

Amanda said...

I have done this before, and it's funny to see all the things that are SO EASY to get rid of . . . which probably means I have to keep going!

BirminghamHotdogs said...

Hey... I see a treasure that I gave to Ronnie.