Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Part 2: The part where I show you the wonderful vintage item I snagged!

It all started when I saw this photo:


I was enamored by the this vintage tole chandelier! Isn't it so beautiful and fun the way she painted it?! A great addition to Gus and Lula's nursery (by the way, Gus and Lula are in the process of being adopted in Ethiopia right now!). I thought how fun it would be to have one of these in our dining room, one of our bedrooms, or even the bathroom. I vowed to be on the lookout for one.

I excitedly stumbled upon one at a local antique store, but my heart sank when I saw the price tag: just under $200. They also had another larger one for over $900. So much for that!

Crate and Barrel's kid's site Land of Nod even has a copy cat version of it for $119:

Then as we poked around the garage sale on Saturday I was thrilled when I looked down and saw this:

Yes friends, a tole chandelier for $5!

It has these pretty flowers on it

I asked if she would take $3 for it and soon this pretty lady was mine! Granted she definitely needs some work and paint, but that is half the fun. She has such great potential to be painted and hung as a focal point. Check out what we found when we unscrewed the bottom:

Perhaps her original color?!

I can't wait to tackle this project. Check out some of these photo inspirations:

credit: Celerie Kimble

credit: Ruthie Sommers


Jo-Jo said...

Do you know that when you told me you had found chandelier I immediately thought of this very one on Gusandlula!! I didn't want to push and ask what it looked like but I thought - wouldn't that be so cute in R and G's home!!! Now I am intrigued to see what color you are going to paint it - could be a project for the 9th of April!!! Love it!! And it thrills me to the toes for you to have found 3 wonderful finds at the same garage sale!!!!!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Love, love, love!!!!! I am in awe of God's goodness to you by delighting your heart in this way. That garage sale was God's garage sale just for you, His fingerprints are all over it. Rejoicing with you over the washer, the daybed, and a chandelier that makes you smile.

Gracie said...

@Christian: You are so right! Having been to so many garage sales lately and seeing either junk or high prices, I know that this one was truly a gift! We had been praying for an inexpensive washing machine and the rest were "wishes."

Amanda said...

It's perfect!!! You have such a good eye. I cannot WAIT to see what you paint it. It would be so cool to see it in its original state! Get my mom to help you with the painting, she's great at it. where are you thinking about putting it?