Monday, August 22, 2011

A Name for Mr. Parrot

Remember the pictures of Aaron's classroom and the parrot hanging from the ceiling?

Well, this past week Aaron asked his 3rd graders to write down some name ideas for the bird. He brought the little note cards home to share with me and we have had some good laughs over them. They are a funny bunch!

And now for your reading pleasure, here is the list (note: original spellings have been maintained)...

Prity Parot
Carl the Amazing Parrot
P.J. Mat Eater
Miss Rainbow Sassy Parrot
Nub Nub (student noted this is a girl name)
The Mistacle Bird
Roger J Willis
Zozo Eric Long

We are rather partial to Zozo, although Nub Nub and Beutanesha are hard to compete with!


Jo-Jo said...

Where do their little minds come up with these hilarious names. Zozo Eric? P.J. Mat Eater? Rojer J Willis?
So funny! I like Nub Nub!

Nate Q. said...

I've got a new nickname for A-Lo....

Anna Beall said...

Thanks for sharing! Jeffrey will love hearing the list!

Joey said...

I took a study break, and it was the best decision ever - these names are hilarious! Definitely made my night!